Zechman Capital

Key competitive strenghts

Independent Minds

We provide the high-touch and conflict free benefits of an independent investment bank with the global reach, sector depth and product expertise found at a larger financial institutions. This independence allows us to offer advice free from the actual or perceived conflicts associated with lending to clients or trading in their securities. Our focus on advisory services frees us from the pressure of cross-selling products. The commitment with quality and ethics is in our genetics.

Advisory Focus with Strong Intellectual Capital

We provide intellectual capital based on our judgement, expertise and relationships combined with intense senior level attention to all transactions. Partnership structure momentum and commitment to excellence environment to attrack and retain high quality talent. Our clients know that they can rely on us not only for help in addressing their current financial needs, but also we remain as a valuable partner as situations change. We anticipate and prepare for the future needs of our clients by actively seeking new ideas and using proven strategies to improve results.

Focus on Clients

We focus on clients at any phase of their life cycle and in any economic environment. From large public multinational corporations to middle market private companies or individual entrepeneurs, we deliver the full resources of our firm and the highest level of the senior attention to every client, regardless of size or situation. We make business decisions aimed to create value for them with a deep dialogue around their long term strategy. We operate with a high standard of confidentiality and discretion and a ¨need to know basis¨ due to the highly sensitive nature of our advice where confidentiality is of paramount importance for the viability of transactions and other stategic decisions.